Solar Power and Open Source Alternative Energy

SolarPicOne of my biggest passions and pastimes is researching and trying to understand the enormous opportunities in solar energy. I am convinced that we are capable of complete self-reliance on alternative energy sources and we neglect to switch due to the polical and social implications of elliminating the need for large corporations to control our energy supply.

It is my humble opinion that we are living with the expense and uncertainty of organized energy providers simply because we fear the unknown. By eliminating the 'fog' that surrounds this profound opportunity, we can organize and create a compelling solution that can help reduce pollution and eliminate our dependency on dirty, limited energy sources.

Initial thoughts: 

  1. An open source information sharing model should be established to help standardize a large scale approach to alternative energy (specifically solar and wind)
  2. A lucrative sub-economy can be easily created to offset inefficient corporate control of household energy supplies
  3. Education and the sharing of information regarding how accessible alternative energy is can help shift our dependency on oil and natural gas in a very short amount of time.
  4. Energy solutions should not be controlled by profit-seeking corporations but proliferated by nimble small businesses and smart, forward-thinking entreprenuers.

 I've been researching the many DIY solutions (and built one of my own) that exist today and have seen some amazingly creative solutions to some very basic, everyday problems. I'm very encouraged.

I will be adding a blog that should begin some interesting discussions as to how we can approach a more targeted solution to our energy needs. I look forward to your input!