To Share or Not to Share...

Date posted: 10/5/2012 4:44:00 PM

So I've got this great new song (at least I think it is) and I've been sitting on it for about 4 months. I've posted it on my site here but haven't publicly shared it... like really shared it. And so, last night, I finally pulled the trigger and posted it on my Facebook account.

Now, I'm wondering: did I do the right thing?

Considering that it isn't like I'm running through the park naked, I'd lean to the "it doesn't really matter" camp but it does raise an interesting set of additional questions. One of them definitely being: "does anyone really care?" My guess is, no.

There are lots of intricate things that need to be done prior to establishing one's credibility online, especially if you are trying to entertain, which I am, en mass. I've never really tried to 'push' my stuff but I'm soon going to find out if it's worth it. Step one? Post it on Facebook and see what happens next.