Presidential Debate 2012

Date posted: 10/15/2012 11:35:49 PM

When I was in my late teens I used to watch movies like Red Dawn, Predator and Rambo and marvel at how awesome they were. Admitedly, entertainment in the 80's was rather unique - and simple - because the population allowed horrible, non-talented people to make millions of dollars on less than adequate performances. 

This, ironically, isn't far from what we are fed by our politicians. Fast forward to 2012...

I'm not a political junkie. I'm not even a political light user. I'm more of a concerned citizen that every time I turn on my television or radio I'm reminded as to how low the bar is to become a nationally recognized figure in politics. 

Consider the vice presidential debate for just a moment. 

Immediately after the debate, CNBC news anchors were touting how awesome Ryan did and how he showed considerable constraint against what can only be described as a rabid dog opponent. I'm not saying that because I don't like our Vice President. I'm saying it because he was attacking, mocking and overall being an ass to Ryan. This, however, won huge points to liberals from Maine to California. 

"Biden kicked Ryan's butt!" exclaimed nearly every Dem in my office. 

"How?" I asked. 

"Well, um... didn't you see how he tore into Ryan? He was brilliant!" They would brag. 

Interesting but I have to inquire as to what exactly it was that was so brilliant about anything that he said... was it REALLY brilliant or was it a civilized cage fight where we simply didn't see any blood?

Displaying behavior that would otherwise get you kicked off the debate team in high school is apparently status quo for the leadership of our country if I am to understand the latest debate to its fullest. This must how our leaders act in Congress when they can't agree that spending money in a wasteful, ignorant fashion is somehow unavoidably catastrophic to our economy. This must also be why they can't agree that killing inocent civilians overseas for our own political and economic gain fought with weapons that were ironically funded by China is simply a bad practice (I wonder when we'll start fighting China's wars?).

But the VP of our country kicked butt during the debate. 

The performance and substance of both candidates were lacking at best and were remanicient of the  poor performances by Arnold or Sly in one of their trademark 80's action films. All action, no content and a plot that my dog could follow with little or no effort. I mean, how believable was Sylvester Stalone in Rambo anyway? So believable that we'd all leave the theater and just be certain that one man could really take out an entire city full of bad guys on a Saturday afternoon?


So, let's put away our .50 cal machine guns and trade them in for something even more powerful. Let's hold them accountable for their arrogance in thinking that tossing a bunch of fancy terms and irrelevant statistics at us will satisfy our desire as tax payers to put real people with talent in our government. Not some half-wit, washed up character who can only communicate his ideas by shooting from the hip.