New SoundCloud Account!

Date posted: 10/3/2012 10:58:47 AM

I suppose it's important to make yourself "social" while you either promote yourself or activities you are involved in. Facebook is clearly part of that movement but there are a number of other gems that are out there that do more than just give people an outlet to tell people when they shower, eat and sleep. Enter: SoundCloud.

This site is awesome!

My friend Brian Campbell introduced me to this baby yesterday. What followed was a feeding frenzy of unpollished, home-produced music in all of its glory! I LOVE IT! It's been years since the fall of's failed effort which was, in my opinion, brilliant. There hasn't been a solid place to share music (except mySpace - and that's an ad nightmare) since then and I'm happy to report that SoundCloud is off to a great start.

Let's hope they keep it clean and easy to use. Bravo!