New Design, New Direction

Date posted: 10/1/2012 5:44:59 PM has taken on a new look!

I've been working on updating my site with the newest release of Umbraco (4.9) . For those who aren't familiar with Umbraco, it's the content management system I use to run this website. After working in version 5.0 for some time, Umbraco staff decided to scrap that version and revert back to an older release. This was likely the best thing they could have done since 5.0 was a miserable environment to work in but it meant I had to scrap my original site and start over.

I think that after reviewing the many versions I've worked in, the 4.x versions have been much more predictable with respect to their stability and functionality. 5.0 was rough! I'm happy to see that they [Umbraco] are committed to doing the right thing even though it was probably a bitter pill to swallow dumping 5.0 and going backwards.

Umbraco is by far one of my favorite developement environments and I'm sad to say that I came to the game a little late. I'd have been better equipped to cope with my growing business years ago if I had been less narrow minded and willing to try new things earlier on. Adopting this platform was a great move and has allowed me to revive my company and start fresh.

Stay tuned.