2012 Elections

Date posted: 11/3/2012 7:01:37 AM

It is virtually impossible to avoid the marketing efforts of those running for office. The heralded YouTube video of the little girl, Abby, crying about "Bronco Bamma and Mit Romney" pretty much sums it up for most Americans at this point.

But for my friends in  Michigan, I thought I'd break down some other important topics that will be showing up on our ballots. Read on...

Proposal 2

This one is pretty easy. This proposal (at its heart) basically puts the power of unions above the Michigan Constitution. It's a subtle and horrible attack on the ability for individuals to VOTE on what's right for the State and instead puts the power of law making in the hands of unions who are a minority in our great state. 

Don't allow unions to have more control over the Michigan Constitution than voters. This puts our democracy in jeopardy by forcing a Socialist idealogy upon a free market society. The key part of this proposal is as follows: 

Invalidate existing or future state or local laws that limit the ability to join unions and bargain collectively, and to negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements, including employees’ financial support of their labor unions. Laws may be enacted to prohibit public employees from striking.

By the way, the laws that prohibit employees from striking are for fireman, policeman and other public servants who we rely on for safety and security. I'd say that's pretty fair since I'd rather a fireman show up at a fire rather than say "I'm on strike."

Proposal 3

I love the idea of renewable energy. This proposal would actually do a lot to make our state become a viable leader in renewable energy. It seems sad that the corporations that provide energy for our citizens have to be TOLD to integrate green energy into the overall mix of sources rather than just doing it because it's the right thing to do. 

I do not support amending our state constitution to force this initiative because I feel as though we are again forcing the government to do something that the people should really be doing themselves - make their own choices. Living in a free market society means that we make choices and we have those choices by either buying products or services or not. 

I think we'll end up paying more for our energy if we pass this proposal but I suppose it's for a good cause. 

 Proposal 4

Quick question: What happens when you put a large group of self-important, entitled people together in one group and tell them to produce a high quality product and remove the ability for the employer to terminate them for doing a poor job? 

Answer: The automotive industry that needed to be bailed out by the United States government because they have largely become a producer of poor quality automobiles by a group of entitled individuals who lean on their union contracts rather than pride in their own work. The "pay me and give me rights or I will strike" model has failed this economy at a scale that's likely going to be talked about for decades. 

People who are prepared to "screw the man" are also the same people who are producing rusty, poor running vehicles that have rarely, if ever, seen the odometer hit 150,000 miles. Non-Union manufacturing actually use performance as the measure of an employee's relevance not a union contract. The result? Higher quality products and a DESIRE for the employees to do their best to keep their job. Not a whole lot different than those college grads working for "the man" who have to perform to earn their money or they get let go. 

Proposal 4 will give our health care providers another reason to suck at their job. Unionizing them will reduce the quality of our services just in time for Obamacare which will inevitably lower wages even more and crush the ability for caregivers to do their job to the best of their ability. This proposal is bad news. 

 Proposal 5

This opens a Pandora's Box for Michigan tax payers if voted in.  Sure, it gets easier for special interest groups to get their proposals in front of tax payers but it also makes it tough for laws regarding our everyday items such as education and infrastructure to get passed quickly. 

There are a millions of people in Michigan, there are hundreds of law makers. Sometimes it's better to leave the tough choices to that small number of people so that they can come to a decision. Otherwise, we'd have to wait for an election cycle to change our minds about a bad policy. 

Leave the law making to the law makers. Let's just make sure to vote the right people into office that represent our interests properly.

Furthermore, this is an initiative by a single man - a billionaire - who is looking for tax breaks. 

Proposal 6

 First and foremost - vote no. Vote NO NO NO NO NO. 

Manuel Moroun is a billionaire. This is his initiative and his plan. The State has a lot of great things going on to help build bridges and infrastructure the RIGHT way. This is a tactic that literally is on our ballot because the family that supports it has more money that 99% of the world poplulation. 

For you conservatives this makes great sense because this saves governmet money. For you liberals out there, this helps tax his wealth and keep control over such matters out of the hands of a single billionaire. 

I could get more detailed but the crux of my message is to vote no. :-) 

So, to summarize:

Prop 1: (not covered here) Yes

Prop 2: No

Prop 3: Vote your conscious, for me? Yes

Prop 4: No

Prop 5: No

Prop 6: No 

Good luck on Tuesday!