I am a proud father of four, own a small business and work as the Director of Information Technology for Acrisure. For a full work history, please view my resume.


I hold a BBA with a minor in Computer Information Systems from Western Michigan University. I also hold a business degree from St. Petersburg College and an Associate of Science in Music and Video Production from the Art Institute of Ft. Launderdale. I continue to expand my knowledge through constant reading and certification to this day.

Professional Philosophy

I've spent nearly my entire professional career around computing, network integration and systems design. I am a strong believer that technolgy is something that should open up the greatest potential of a company not confine it to set parameters. I also believe that there is a dramatic shift in the IT community where third party vendors and independent contractors are holding businesses hostage to complex, poorly planned systems that ultimately guarantee a payday for them and complete confusion for their customers. Computer systems should be elegant and simple and that the most effective implementation of the most powerful technology should be the easiest to understand and use.


I love recording music and have been playing fairly regularly since my 8th birthday when my mother placed me in piano lessons. I play many different instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, bassoon and can sing (but not all that well). I play in a local wedding band called Nine Mile Smile and we tour most of West Michigan playing weddings and are booked well over 18 months in advance. They are a great group of talented musicians and I'm proud to work with them.

My other hobby is photography. Though I did shoot professionally from 2000 until 2007 as the track photographer (Circle Track Photo) of Kalamazoo Speedway. I've since slowed down and focused (sorry) on my own family while shooting an occassional senior picture or engangement session for close friends and relatives.